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Department of Physics and Measurements

Department of Physics and Measurements is organizationally included among the departments of Faculty of Chemical Engineering. It is one of the departments that have the most significant share in the teaching of basic subjects of the bachelor's degree, especially in the field of physics and measurements for all faculties. The professional activity of the institute is directed to basic research especially in the field of chemical conductivity sensors, study of the structure of biomolecular systems using vibrational circular dichroism methods and study of low-temperature plasma focused on its microbicidal effects.

Head of department

doc. Vladimír Scholtz
e 22044 3055 d B219

Department administrator

prof. Martin Vrňata
e 22044 3040 d B225


Lenka Dvořáková
e 22044 3039 d B218


Department of Physics and Measurements, UCT Prague
Technická 5
166 28 Prague
Czech Republic

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